Support For Process Industries

Repair, Refurbish, Rebuild

Modify, Design and Improve

Industries that have a process have a multitude of ongoing issues and we are here to support them.

With our many years of engineering expertise we can offer Engineering support on all levels from an urgent breakdown to planned maintenance to keep your equipment and processes running smoothly…. Over the many years of supporting process industries, our company has grown to have in house solutions for most eventualities this allows us to keep control of the quality and time scale.

  • Rebuild… Total strip down of plant, new parts as required bring back to specification.
  • Refurbish… Specific items brought back to specification.
  • Repair… Does exactly what it says, it breaks, we will fix it.
  • Modify… Modify machinery to suit customer requirements.
  • Design and Improve… Re-design of existing plant, equipment and parts to bring improvements of service life and function.